Vienna to Mallorca


Very late but then again I’ve always taken my sweet time to reflect.

Mallorca…you were beautiful! That was my first time playing out your way but I sincerely hope it won’t be the last. There’s a thriving wee music scene in Palma and I met some brilliant musos and cracking writers…it seems as if my host Dan Zelisko knows the lot…a blessing for myself just off the boat. Managed to see a touch of the island as well and absolutely breathtaking it was…Alba has competition :-)

Played some lovely shows in Inca, Sóller, Palma and a few bits and bobs too…I’d have said mainly Spanish audiences and I’d have said mainly my Spanish is rubbish but music always finds its way, even mine. Keep yer eyes peeled for a few videos will be on the way.

Special thanks to the man himself Dan Zelisko (who coincidentally has just released an album…check it on his website here, Món de Sons for all the organisation…they run a very tight ship, Marcus Stone and Emma Lohan it was my pleasure sharing a stage with youse (Emma also has an album coming out on 25.10…dinnae miss it!, Coworking Casa Planas, Dodepit, Sa Galeria CAN MARC…and to all the fantastically kind audiences…the experience will stay right with me.


P.s. Zelisko will be winging his way to Vienna in November…watch this space for details of his upcoming shows!