Germany Aufwiedersehens



Well, I may be a Scotsman in Vienna but somehow this wee nook of Germany is starting to feel a hell of a familiar…must be the company.

Two and a half lovely house concerts there with the mighty Shane Ó Fearghail lighting the way.

First to celebrate Guido & Bea’s birthday with a touch of go-karting where I was lapped by all but Sabine Mann (you’ll get the fiver later) and then at night to a beautiful beer hall surrounded by windmills to sing the pair of them into the next decade! Followed the next day by a beaut of a show in Menslage…you know we know who youse are :-)

A very special trip for a few reasons, aside from the birthday celebrations…there was a first and a last…

the first time my girlfriend Elisa (despite a belter of a timely cold) made it up with me to that neck of the woods and…

the last house concert at Mel and Ulf’s place in Niederkassel…I’ve been a part of their world for what must be a blink of an eye but made to feel part of the family from the very start….you’ve big hearts my friends!

Very humbled to have been part of the last show in that holy house and very much looking forward to playing any part in the new home in Brussels…fantastic shows and brilliant audiences as always…thank you on behalf of many, many musicians who’ve passed through your home over the years and been given so much love, respect and hospitality…youse are gems.