THANK YOU! The Soft Summer tour is over! It’s been a blast, about 5.500 km, six countries over six weeks about 20 shows from Carinthia to Zagreb, Vienna to Cologne, Alkmaar to Paris and back in a totsy wee motor ;-)
To everyone who listened, sang along, got up and jammed with me, put me up, boozed me up, booked me up and bought the albums, I can’t thank you enough!
Autumn tours are round the corner, as is the upcoming Schottenfest 2017, planning for the new album…lots to do and lots to look forward to!!!
The mind is willing to keep on rolling but the body is soft…I’m off to put my feet up next to a lake with my lassie and my guitar for a couple of weeks. Take care and see youse on the otherside…slán!