Bad Dog

The most important thing about blogging is once you start you’ve got to keep it up…does once every four months still count?

Well, I reckon that was the summer that was…what a belter. Did my first live TV performance in Croatia on the morning show on HRT, played some great festivals small and large including Exposure Festival, NovaRock, SOS, played some fantastic wee parties and weddings, got a much-needed trip back home to Scotland to see my wee sister get hitched, plenty of trips to my lasses home town in Klagenfurt for swimming (or sinking in my case) and gigging, a trip to Ireland with our songwriting crew (VSC) hanging out with druids, camping, playing and a little time to relax, reflect and work on some new tunes…hellish.

Autumn began with scary news from home about my dad falling ill, but thanks to the fantastic efforts of Ninewells hospital in Dundee, he’s patched up, turbo-charged and recovering well…the 6-Million Dollar Man indeed…no need to scare the shite out of us any time again soon though faither.

The weather may be cooling down here but lots of other stuff is heating up…
Myself, Shane Ó Fearghail and Mark Peters have finally bitten the bullet and are putting on our own festival here in Vienna this year called Schottenfest!!!…A celebration of the Celtic connections between Ireland, Scotland and Austria…much more info will follow but here’s the website to check oot in the meantime……tickets are on sale online now!

As always I’m gigging away like a Trojan here in Vienna…some great wee spit and sawdust pub gigs keeping the wolf from the door. And lastly a braw trip to Germany begins tomorrow morning, with Mel & Ulf guiding the good ship Neville, for a short run of shows.

Jeezo I need a stunt-double.

Anyway, onward…and rest assured I’ll be kicking my own arse to keep this blogging malarky on the go!