Mornin Germany! Fairly fragile the day after the evenings escapades! A smooth and tortilla fuelled eight-hour train ride from Vienna to Köln via Frankfurt at 290 odd kmph, picked up by the brilliant drivers, hosts, fixers, Mel and Ulf and straight to The Fiddlers in Bonn for a Songwriters Night. Well obviously you'd have to throw a few beers at it to loosen the vocal chords but I'm not sure if all of them were really necessary. Bonn is a great wee city of 300 000 people on the Rhine, South of Cologne (Köln) and The Fiddlers is a beaut of a spot...beams, ancient walls, nooks and crannies and Kölsch beer which Shane swears can't give you a hangover...a truth that has been tested and found wanting. The night begins with a couple of local lads on their first gig a wee electric and acoustic combo, cracking voice and melodies, fair play, great wee tunes! No one wants to go second... so I go second. Seems like a good idea at the time, tactically it leaves me even more time for beer and nattering to the locals. Shane Ó'Fearghail smashes it up on stage and the pub is singing along already...some boy! Some great acts tonight, including a redheaded duo (twins or the whisky?) and a lovely fella Shae from is hopping. One last song with Shane 'Twa Recruiting Segeants' bit wobbly but a forgiving audience.

I'm now smashed and of the owners Maggie kindly rustles us up a late night sandwich and I'm poured into Mel & Ulfs spare room and I've been thoroughly introduced to Germany. Wakey wakey eggs and headachey. Next show tonight direction Hanover (I'm on a need to know basis) a cheeky two and a half car ride and we're offski!